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 The Anckaert family, have been active in textiles for more than fifty years.

From Desselgem, grandma Anckaert’s embroidery business grew into the GYMP brand, which has become a fixture in baby and children’s clothing.

They are brothers and sister Geert, Jo (Yo!), Marianne and Pol, make high-quality children’s clothing with West-Flemish ingenuity and passion.

GYMP is a real Belgian brand, with a strong tradition of know-how, design and expertise. There Belgian employees choose the materials, design the models, and make the patterns, prototypes and collection pieces in there own workshop in Desselgem. In this way, they control the entire process of producing there own clothing and guarantee continuity in design, fit and quality.

They only use materials that meet all European environmental and safety standards and they consciously choose high quality fabrics, preferably from natural fibres, especially for our baby clothes. GYMP is comfortable, beautiful and well made, and stays looking good! They produce the GYMP collections in Tunisia. In there own factory and with production partners they know personally. They pay attention to the well-being and safety of the people who make there clothes. That’s how they continue to develop GYMP every day, your assurance of confidence.

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